B2C Content Marketing

You must create and share content that is relevant to your audience in order to attract and engage them in the conversation. So, below see the steps to follow to maximize content marketing effectiveness.
Social Media Listening (SML): you need to identify the social media platforms in which your target audience gathers and listen to what is important to them. The objective is transforming their topics of conversation into content material that is related to them to activate the dialog among them and your brand.
Non-Invasive Brand Presence NIBP: While it is important to maintain brand awareness, you must find a way to let the brand slip inexplicitly in the content. First, not to turn off your audience, and secondly to avoid advertising, promoting, or selling.
Focus on the Audience (FOTA): SMM content must have a strategic goal established by the brand based on what is relevant for the target audience. This goal must be attainable and measurable, otherwise, you are shooting up in the air.
Targeted Topics (TT): Effective and engaging topics or relevant material are discovered and further developed into themes in the SML stage. These are the topics of conversation to ignite the participatory dialog with your target audience. Anything else that is not generated in the SML stage is worthless.
Sharing Text and Aesthetics (STA): Your objective is to turn your target audience into storytellers by implicitly involving them in the initial message (brand message). This is accomplished by having your target audience post images and becoming active participants in the narrative of your content to expand engagement from one platform to another platform.
Brand Community (BC): If you are into SMM, ideally your brand already has a brand community in a social media platform. This is extremely important for your brand to have as a brand manager would enable himself/herself/themselves to invite members of the target audience to generate content via posts, discussions, shares and reviews.
Your BC becomes the cradle for the creation of relevant material.
Claudio Perez-Korinko, cultural creative strategist at latBrand.